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Together We're Bitter Brewing is a craft microbrewery located in Kitchener. They sell beer but that's not all they do - they also also try to be a place for community groups to gather, and artists and musicians to showcase their craft. This co-op is built on and for the people. They truly believe that through bringing more people into the group, it builds more value as each person brings something to the table. 

As a multi-stakeholder co-operative, with worker and community members, TWB believes that the co-op model is a form of organization that reflects their values. They also see that running a co-op is  a way to showcase that alternatives are possible

TWB is among a growing number of brewers that work with local farmers whenever possible. They are looking to source more local grains so contact them if you have a source. In the meantime they make sure that their spent grain goes to a local organic farmer for livestock feed.

As a  co-op that is working to create  something special for their community, they understand and accept that there will be  differences in opinions.  TWB believes that the co-op model gives them an effective and transparent way to address issues as they arise.

Their  motto is - we may not have done it right, but we did it ourselves! 

Also, the beer. They make darn good beer.

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Together We’re Bitter Brewing