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Karma is a locavore hub: from community gardens and farmers markets to local food boxes and a Main Street store front, we aim to foster a sustainable and accessible local food system for the communities of Huronia and beyond. We aim to connect eaters to growers, consumers to producers through our products. We are building community through these connections.

Karma's mission is to foster and promote an inclusive, diverse, sustainable, and community-owned local food system through education, co-operation, leadership, and creativity.

Karma believes that all citizens should have fair access to healthy, local, culturally-appropriate food. We envision Huronia's many diverse cultures working together with local governments and organizations to bridge the good food gap, ensuring that an inclusive, dynamic, and viable food system can grow amongst our communities. We believe that this broad change will be achieved through positive and open popular education and through the cultivation of co-operative and supportive gardens, farmers' markets, cultural events, and school programming, as a means to achieving our goals.

Karma began as a 200 square foot shop in 2007 on Main Street in Penetanguishene, and, since then, we have expanded our offerings to include farmers markets, community gardens, and numerous other activities and events that share our mission and grow our membership. Over the last 2 years, we have been working to establish the first food co-op in Huronia, synthesizing our many projects and strengthening our leadership and governance. It has been an exciting and, at times, challenging process, but we know that co-op development not only enhances our work as an organization, but also promotes longevity, succession, and innovation within the broader community.

Membership with Karma has numerous benefits. Above all else, your annual $10 contribution proves your own commitment to our work and advances our ability to sustain and revitalize the area food system through our many innovative programs. In addition to this important commitment, your membership allows you:

  • joint ownership of Karma and our work
  • one vote at our AGM: have your say on our products and projects!
  • 10% off all food products store-wide discounts on Karma workshops and events
  • member-only programs, including our food box freebies (Buy 12, Get One FREE!)
  • investment in your community, your food system, and your future!

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