sexsmith farm
Sexsmith Farm is an 80 acre family and community shared farming business.  It first came to our family in 1867 through Jonathon Sexsmith, who came from Pennsylvania. He shared its value with three sons Fredrick, George and Matthew. Fredrick then passed his 100 acres to Royal and Ronald Sexsmith. Roy became a scholar, and Principal.  Ronald farmed the land.


In 1980, Ronald's youngest son, Ralph, settled here with his wife Marcia and two daughters, Debbie and Deanna. As a boy, Ralph remembers planting 200 acres of popping corn. Sheep grazed here, then milk cows and then beef cattle. Crop rotation was with forage, oats & a stone barley, wheat, corn and pasture.  Since that time, crops such as tomatoes, soybeans and wheat have been tried.

Early practices of rotation kept our soil fertile, as did minimal tillage.

In 2010 four local farmers came together to create the Sexsmith Farm Co-operative Inc. Our collective effort, experience, and expertise will fill your baskets with a spring to fall bounty of the freshest, healthiest, local produce available. We are a community of farmers whose mission is to cultivate a sustainable food production and distribution system rooted in South Niagara.


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Sexsmith Farm Co-op