Camino is owned by La Siembra Co-operative in the Ottawa-Gatineau region of Canada. La siembra means sowing or planting time in Spanish, a symbol for the seeds of change we are sowing through our co-operative and fair trade business models.

Join the joyful food revolution

Camino means path in Spanish. The path we walk on at Camino is the joyful food revolution.

So, what is the joyful food revolution?

It is a movement that brings together people who love to eat good food and want to make a difference today for a healthier tomorrow. It is about connecting the dots between the food we eat and where it comes from. It's about building vibrant sustainable communities through respect for the people who make the food and the land that provides it.

Who is a part of it?
Anyone that enjoys eating good food made from quality ingredients.

Anyone that enjoys eating good food made by organizations that produce it through fair-trade practices.

What about buying local or directly from farmers?

Buying direct from our local farmers here in Canada is also part of the joyful food revolution and contributes to building and supporting vibrant sustainable communities. However, some of the food we love to eat simply cannot be grown in Canadian climates. Camino brings this food to you through the ingredients we import as directly as possible from Southern family farmers to make our products.

4 Florence Street #210, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y6, Canada

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