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Imagine a downtown grocery store filled with fresh, locally produced and fairly priced foods directly from local farms. In this store, the money you pay for your groceries is a contribution to the sustainable development of your local community. All for the better, you feed yourself, your family, your neighbors, and the local economy.
By 2015, Garden City Food Co-op will bring this version of a grocery store to downtown St. Catharines. Our many volunteers, members, farmers, producers, and community partners are working hard to bring wholesome and fairly priced food closer to where we live or work. Our vision is to achieve four key elements in our co-op:

  • considered as centred on St. Paul Street and bounded by Welland Ave., Geneva Street, St. Paul Street, Ontario Street;
  • considered as a convenient fixed retail location, with regular hours, that may also serve as a food hub to host or facilitate other community food activities;
  • considered as wholesome (not restricted to natural, organic, vegan) accessible nutrition, with preference given to local production, and with equity throughout the production-distribution-consumption chain; and
  • considered as a member-owned, sustainable social enterprise that delivers community benefits.

Garden City Food Co-op will provide a fresh approach to food and food shopping. This means local food that is high-quality, homegrown, wholesome, and reasonably priced. It means food shopping that supports the local economy, honours our community and consumer issues, and nurtures sustainable food practices. In short, you will be choosing from the best local produce and products around while adding tremendous value to your own community. Farmers, friends and families will all be connected”via real food.
Expect a change in attitude towards groceries and community. Expect a more sustainable, cost-effective and inclusive local food system. Expect a unique and vibrant alternative to the conventional grocery store experience. Watch for Garden City Food Co-op to open its doors in 2015. Better yet, join us and become a part of the change!


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