Article of incorporation with share (Form 1)

For raising money by issuing and selling shares to be registered as a co-operative with share capital.

For raising money by accepting loans or issuing other forms of debt (debentures) to members and non-members to be registered as a co-operative without share capital.

Consent (Form 3)

Only to be used when the directors are not the incorporators.

Articles of amendment (Form 7)

For any type of amendment that would affect the articles of incorporation. This form is used for section 151 of the Co-operative Corporations Act.

Articles of dissolution (Form 11)

For dissolution under the co-operative charter.

For co-operatives who did not commence business since there incorporation and wish to dissolve their charter.

Affidavit of solvency

For name and decreased authorized capital amendments.

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FSCO: Co-operative Forms Index
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