The story of the Antigonish Movement of adult education through economic cooperation, Masters of Our Own Destiny is seminal reading in the co-operative movement, and particularly in Canada.

The Antigonish Movement, arising in the first decades of the 20th century in response to socio-economic decline in Maritime Canada, had by 1945 begun to demonstrate possible solutions to the problems of underdevelopment in distant lands. Throughout the years, it has touched the lives of thousands of people in Canada and abroad, and today, some 80 years later, especially through the Coady International Institute, it continues to promote democratically-based and locally-organized grassroots cooperative action in many parts of the world. The impact of the Antigonish Movement unfolded in many different ways, but the most important influence has always been the change it effects within the hearts and minds of people as thought and imagination become actively engaged in social action through adult education.

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Masters of Our Own Destiny by Moses Coady
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