This great new resource on co-operative farming explores models from 42 start-up and established collaborative farm projects across North America. Click on the image below to access the PDF document, and visit the Greenhorns Resource Library for lots of additional information on starting a farm.

From the Author's Note:

It’s clear that we face common challenges. It’s also clear that by working together, we get more than just a solution to a problem: we get solidarity.

There is no one model for “cooperative farming.” You can form separate businesses or one business. You can share land, or farm as neighbors, or farm together in a community or a region. We need a whole range of models and solutions for working together. We are learning to design our own tools and methods to match our scale and soil. In the same way, we need the knowledge to design our own business structures and agreements, to fit our unique circumstances of person and place.

The intention of this guidebook is to introduce that knowledge. It was made possible by funding from Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (NESARE) and through the generous support of all those that provided their time, expertise, and experience.

Information was gathered through interviews with 42 start-up and established collaborative farm projects across the continent, input from 18 professionals and advisors, and 50 publications in cooperative development, farm business, finance, land access and more.

My thanks also to the Greenhorns, who served as fiscal sponsor to this project and champion for my cooperative farming efforts. I am grateful to witness such a volume of groups self-organizing for mutual and community benefit, and to support this movement toward a cooperative, sustainable, and just economy.

In fellowship,
Faith Gilbert 

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Co-operative Farming: Frameworks for Farming Together

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