There are many reasons to join the LOFC.

All Co-op Member Benefit from:

  • Working together to shape a co-operative future for food in Ontario
  • Access to specific member only resources including certain tool-kits
  • access to templates in the document repository
  • Funder listings and updates to funding announcements as they arise
  • Pro -Bono facilitation and mediation time when possible
  • Troubleshooting
  • Discounts for assemblies, webinars and training
  • Opportunities for partnership on programs and grants
  • Listing on the website
  • Opportunity to contribute to the monthly e-newsletter
  • Mentorship and matchmaking
  • Use of Shared Identity
  • Collective Purchasing and Trad

The Evolving and Established Membership also includes:

  • Partnership in funding applications where applicable
  • Depending on funding access to honorarium for presentation and facilitation of other Co-ops

Cost:  $300/ year or $200 plus 20 hours of in support to member co-ops or on network committees with access to a one month trial period with access to limited resources

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