The Local Organic Food Co-ops Network varying membership classes to suit the size of your specific needs from the network.

Start Up and Emerging Co-ops
Co-ops that have been developing for 0-2 year or longer if not operational
Access to Peer Support from evolving co-ops and network staff
Access to online templates and resources
Access to support for joint events as LOFC funding permits
Promotion of events and milestones through website and other communications
Evolving & Established Co-op Membership
For co-ops that are operating and have been in planning/development for 3+ years
Receives all the benefits of Start-up Memberbership
Eligable for partnership in funding applications where applicable
Access to honorarium for presentation and facilitation of other Co-ops
Non Co-op organizations or individuals who support the goals and values of the Network
Receive listing on website and other materials as advocate and supporter
Receives notifications and invitations to co-op events, trainings, etc.
Receives notifications of RFPS, job postings, etc. from member co-ops
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LOFC Membership Classes