LFFC  P2P Mentorship Program

The P2P Mentorship Program is an opportunity for experienced sector leaders to share their knowledge with others within the local food and farm co-op sector.

This is a great opportunity for anyone emerging in the sector that may be faced with a challenge within their work. By connecting with an experienced peer, the mentee can ask specific questions, get advice related to their specific situation and build relationships with other in the sector.

The P2P Program has a list of pre-registered mentors who have agreed to be part of the P2P program. Upon intake into the program, LFFC staff will connect mentees with the best suitable mentor based on experience.  Alternatively, if a mentee has a particular person that they would like to work with as part of their mentorship, they may request said mentor. Staff will contact the potential mentor to ensure that that the terms of the mentorship are agreeable before proceeding for further development of the mentorship.


How it works


Interested Mentees should contact the LFFC either via completing the online form, or by contacting the LFFC by phone. In either circumstance, the mentee will be asked to complete the intake questions. Once the intake information is complete, the LFFC staff will confirm details with the mentee.

The LFFC will connect with the mentor (either LFFC registered or requested by the mentee) to confirm availability to participate.

The mentorship agreement will be completed co-operatively by the mentor and the mentee either independently or in the presence of the LFFC staff. This will be determined by the complexity and timeframe of the proposed mentorship.

Once the agreement is signed, the mentorship can commence. At the end of the mentorship, both the mentee and the mentor are required to complete the end of mentorship report pertaining to their role. In the circumstances of longer duration mentorships, the LFFC staff may check in periodically to get a progress update.


Mentorship Sign Up Form


Mentor Sign up Form



Mentee Responsibilities

  • To respect the time, needs and experience being shared by the mentor
  • Adhere to the mentorship agreement
  • Complete the end of mentorship reporting form
  • To communicate with LFFC staff in the case of any changes, challenges or problems with the mentorship


Mentor Responsibilities

  • To be available to support the mentor as agreed in the mentorship agreement
  • To adhere to the mentorship agreement
  • To communicate with LFFC staff in the case of any changes, challenges or problems with the mentorship
  • Completed the end of mentorship reporting form
  • Submit invoices in a timely manner.

Cost of the Program


  • The cost of the program is free for members of the LFFC. (funding permitted)

For non- members

  • The fees are as follows for each hour with the mentor
    • Telephone/ Video Meetings: $45/hr
    • In Person Meetings: $100/ hr

Payment of Services (funding permitted)

Mentors are eligible for compensation for their time and travel expenses based on the following terms:

  • $40/ hour for telephone or in person mentorship time

Travel Expense (when required) Kilometers - $0.45/ km, Travel time - $15/hr



Burning Question

Just have a burning question related to your co-operative growth and development? Ask us and we will see if we can find an answer or connect you with the right person who will