Seeking Awesome Talent for the Steering Committee

Commitment: Minimum of 3 hours per month, up to 10 hours

Meeting Times: First Monday or Friday morning of the month from 9:30am to 11:30am

Opportunities: learn about what other food co-ops in the province are doing, governance development to shape the future of the food co-op movement, access to specific tools and information to shape or help your co-op.

Suited for: permanent staff, committed members, emerging board members and organizational leaders

Eligibility:  Be a designated representative of a food or farming co-operative in Ontario, or involved in the food, farming or cooperative sector in a professional capacity

While working as Co-op Manager, the LOFC Network’s staff and colleagues I have met through the Network, provided me with exceptional support, insight, and resources that elevated my contributions to my professional work. They are incredibly patient and caring individuals that will do whatever they can to help a fellow co-operator. I am so grateful to continually have them in my corner.”

-Alli Floroff, Former Co-op Manager, By the Bushel Community Food Co-op

The local and organic food industry is changing quickly and now is a critical time to get engaged in shaping the future. If you would like to be part in either of these organizations, please  e-mail us  with a short paragraph about who you are and why you are interested in working with us.


Read the terms of reference of the steering committee to learn more.

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Seeking Awesome Talent for the Steering Committee