On Wednesday MP Paul Levebre of Sudbury and MP Marc Serre of Nickel Belt announced the federal funding of $150,000 over three years to support the development of food and farming co-operatives in Northern Ontario.

“Co-operatives are a strong business model which will play an important role in Northern Ontario to address issues around food access, local food production, and local economies, while also empowering communities to have democratic and economic control of the food they eat” says Baillie. Baillie oversees the work of the network from her farm in Warren Ontario.

Over the three-year period of this funding the network will have staff in both the North East and the North West conducting program activities to support the sector. The funding will support the work of this network throughout Northern Ontario to provide on the ground training, skills building and technical support to emerging and developing food co-ops. It will additionally address values based trade route development to increase distribution of local foods between communities in the north.

Stay tuned as this exciting work develops.

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The LOFC receives 3 years of funding for co-op work in the North