We have begun to convene quarterly virtual campfires through the LOFC Network in order to exchange and dialogue among our members. The purpose of these calls is to give you a space to reach other co-operators doing similar work in order to ask questions, work through challenges, share learnings and best practices, and provide support. Please register yourself by signing up on the form below.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

A virtual campfire is a lightly facilitated virtual space (teleconference, video conference, instant messaging platform, etc) in which participants are encouraged to share and glean information on a particular topic. Participants are convened on the basis of a shared interest or identity, and at least one knowledge holder will be present to field specific or detailed questions. Active participation is highly encouraged in order to make the most of the co-operative space.

The following campfires will all be held as lunchtime calls and will be taking place from 12-1pm EST.  You can dial in using the toll-free number 877-433-2015 or by joining online at http://uberconference.com/lofcnetwork.

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LOFC Network’s Virtual Campfires
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