Principle 5 

Developing Brand Ambassadors & Word-of-Mouth Marketers

Webinar -July 26th  2016@ 11:30am to 1pm

In a world where a constant barrage of advertisements try to sell us at every turn, we inevitably and understandably become overwhelmed, and turn to the advice of those we know and trust. In fact, a recent study has shown that when making a purchasing decision, consumers trust a friend’s opinion 92% of the time.

It’s becoming evermore apparent that building a brand ambassador/word-of-mouth marketing strategy is an essential piece of any successful business.

And we, as co-operatives, are in the exciting and advantageous position of having a built-in, marketing team: an army of staff and members who are also OWNERS, all invested in, and passionate about the success of the business.

This webinar will provide both a greater perspective on our amazing sector - the stories and angles that attract others – and will emphasize the importance of having a staff team and membership who are not only inspired by, and knowledgeable about the co-operative movement, but who are also able to effectively pass this passion on to others.

Through investigating other successful brand ambassador & word-of-mouth marketing campaigns, we will discuss the tools necessary to turn your co-op into a word-of-mouth marketing machine.


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Brought to you thanks to the Libro Prosperity FundWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)



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Developing Brand Ambassadors & Word-of-Mouth Marketers
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