Individual co-ops are stronger when they work together.  A secondary co-operative is a co-operative business democratically controlled by its members, all of whom are themselves co-operatives and share certain aims or values in common. The secondary co-operative can be a way for these co-operatives to do things that help achieve their aims that they would not be able to do by themselves. Secondary co-operatives have been used in a number of sectors already – Credit Unions, Housing Co-operatives and Social Change Co-operatives for example. They have also been used by Radical Routes to bring together diverse co-operatives with similar values. Members of the individual co-ops have found it helpful to be part of something bigger, whether they are volunteers looking for technical aid, a group trying to start a similar type of co-op in a different area, experienced workers wanting to apply their skills more widely, or members looking for a clear identity and and community to belong to.

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How to Set Up a Secondary Co-op
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