Co-operative Marketing at the Local Food and Farm Co-operative


Our double session on marketing showed that our co-ops prioritize a range of marketing issues that reflect ethical, environmental and social values. The #1 focus for our co-ops is “local”, followed by ethical, ecological and fair trade. For the Co-operative Marketing Project (2017), we will draw on what the members told us to develop templates, images, short promotional videos and shared toolkits for social media and other communication tools.


We are very pleased to announce that Susanna Redekop, Communications Coordinator from West End Food Co-op will be carving out some time to work with us on this project. She was working in communications and marketing at the West End Food Co-op before the store even opened, and has been there ever since; she brings expertise in co-op marketing and lived experience in marketing in the limited time, energy and budget of most food and farm co-ops.


We are also delighted to welcome Alison Earls to the LFFC. She is our new intern from the FLEdGE project at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at Wilfrid Laurier University; you may have seen her at the Assembly with our new video equipment, recording sessions and doing interviews with some of the co-operators in attendance.

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Co-operative Marketing at the Local Food and Farm Co-operative – 8th Assembly Session Review