Join the LOFC Network and colleagues for a morning of presentations and conversations about co-operative food enterprise on June 2, as the Canadian Association for Food Studies and the Canadian Association for the Studies of Co-operation combine forces to bring out the best from both worlds.

Highlights for LOFC Network include the presentation of research done on the Network by Jennifer Sumner and Cassie Wever:

Cultivating Alliances: The Local Organic Food Co-ops Network: Using a political economy framework, the paper will present findings from a recent pilot study of the LOFC Network.  It will propose that by combining the co-operative movement with the local food movement and the organic farming movement, the LOFC Network is creating a potent social, economic and environmental alternative that promotes participatory democracy, supports a collaborative economy and protects ecological integrity.  

At the lunch hour, Food Secure Canada's Abra Brynne and Co-ops and Mutuals Canada's Denyse Guy will join Network Animator Hannah Renglich to talk about the potential for a national network of local food co-operatives:

Nationally Networked, Locally Gr(own): Federating for Food Sovereignty: What would a pan-Canadian alliance of local food and farming co-operatives look like? To what degree could it strengthen the capacity of co-operatives in the food system to more deeply engage citizens across the country in rebuilding the food system? How could a federation, a national network, or a coalition of co-ops working toward redefining local food systems advocate for and create the conditions for greater food sovereignty for small farms, new farmers, processors and distributors, and eaters from coast to coast to coast?

If these questions get your gears going, come participate in a discussion on these themes as a special crossover event between the Canadian Association of Food Studies and Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation! Join representatives from the Local Organic Food Co-ops Network to learn more about their work collaborating across the province of Ontario during the past 6 years, in the midst of the 3rd wave of food co-operative development. Using Principle 6, co-operation amongst co-operatives, the LOFC Network is building a more co-operative food system through collaboration for co-op capacity building. Denyse Guy, a founder of the LOFC Network and Executive Director of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada, as well as Abra Brynne from  Food Secure Canada, will speak to their experiences working with national coalitions and citizen engagement strategies in order to foster conversation among participants. 

A pay-what-its-worth lunch will be provided by and benefit Ottawa’s emerging West End Well Co-op.

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Food Co-op Lunch Conversation in the Capital
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