Dates: February 23 – February 24, 2016 - REGISTER!

Location: Loyola House, Ignatius Centre, Guelph, Ontario

About: The Local Organic Food Co-operatives Network hosts an annual Assembly bringing together farm and food co-ops from across the province. LOFC is an unincorporated network for food and farming co-operatives in Ontario, and is hosted by the Ontario Natural Food Co-op. LOFC works with established and start-up co-ops working in farming, processing, distribution and retail. The Co-op model has been successful in providing business solutions across the spectrum of local food system needs. The LOFC Network is uniquely positioned to address the development, strengthening and ongoing viability of co-operative local food systems in Ontario.

The Assembly is an event in which emerging and established co-operatives explore possibilities for collaboration and affirm aligned visions for sustainability, stewardship and co-operation. Celebration of various co-operative successes, active working sessions and network planning are included in the agenda. The inspiring Assembly will result in up-to-date knowledge, strengthened partnerships and renewed energy for food system transformation.Great food, some of it produced by member businesses and a venue which makes for great networking and enjoyment of peaceful surroundings both inside and out further enhance the event - we hope you can join us!

Assembly Objectives:

  1. Networking between co-ops
  2. Peer-to-Peer knowledge exchange
  3. Skill building and development
  4. Inspiring new thought and action
  5. Creating space for meaningful collaboration
  6. Decision-making for Network governance

The annual gathering of the Network is an incredible opportunity to meet and build connections with the amazing people who own and operate food and farm co-operatives across Ontario, serving their communities fresh, local, sustainably produced and fairly traded food. The Assembly is an extension of the work being done within communities, creating space for meaningful participation and food citizenship.  It is our chance to further a burgeoning movement in the province by getting to know one another in person, exchanging stories, enhancing skills and knowledge, and collectively making decisions about where we are headed.

Last year's first Co-op Marketplace Social was a great success. So, we are going to do it again the year with some added elements to really let everyone show off what they got! We invite and encourage you to be an integral part of the Social this year.

Who Should Come: 

  • staff, coordinators, managers and those deep in the operations of co-ops in the food system
  • board members, committee members, and other dedicated governance-focused contributors to co-ops in the food system
  • those running or involved with fledgling, start-up, emerging, or flourishing food co-ops – there’s something for everyone
  • people seriously committed to starting a food or farm co-op
  • allies and organizational partners of the Local Organic Food Co-ops Network

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Partnership Event - LOFC and the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario present "Fair Financing for Local Food and Farms": February 22, 2016 to be held at Loyola House, Ignatius Centre, Guelph, Ontario

Thank you to our sponsors!

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