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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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The Mustard Seed Co-op

We are a growing group from Hamilton, Ontario, who have a passion for food and a strong desire to see essential food needs met in our downtown community. We envision The Mustard Seed becoming a beautiful place to shop, a place that promotes food access, connection between local producers and consumers, and a vibrant sense of community.

After a year of growing excitement, focused conversations began early in January 2012. We are still a co-operative in development. Next steps include developing our membership, raising start up capital, and opening our doors at a downtown storefront location, which we are striving to do in May 2013. If you are interested in joining us or have questions, pleasesend us an email.

Why ‘The Mustard Seed’?

The name for The Mustard Seed came to us one day while dreaming about the co-op, and it quickly stuck. Here is our rationale:

  • The mustard seed is an ancient metaphor for great things coming out of small beginnings – and with quite the kick. We believe the downtown food co-op will make a big impact on our city; starting small and growing into something that is part of the vitality of our downtown.
  • Hamilton already has references to its status as a “mustard town”, with the International Village BIA Mustard Festival in past years. Hamilton is home to the largest miller of dry mustard in the world – G.S. Dunn Limited.