• June 28, 2017
    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Join us for our afternoon webinar series this summer; bring your coffee or tea, click on the link, and hear co-ops and practitioners discuss key sector topics.


 Session #1: June 28, 3-4 pm: How to Work with Your Municipality

Many highly successful co-ops would not have been built without crucial support from their municipality. This webinar is designed to examine what your co-op can expect from your municipality, and what a municipality expects from your co-op.

We will explore questions like: What are the areas where a municipal champion can help a co-op get off the ground? What are the areas that are outside their responsibility? How do you approach the municipality to show them the value of your project and build allies within local government?


Kelli Ebbs: Founder and General Manager of the Muskoka North Good Food Co-op

Mary Ferguson: Founder of Eko Nomos, has worked throughout Canada, and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Guelph with a focus on municipalities and social enterprise development.

Mary Ellen Scanlon:

Founding member and a director at The Mustard Seed Co-op in Hamilton. Now retired she worked as a municipal planner in Waterloo, Calgary and Hamilton

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How to Work with Your Municipality



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