The Local Organic Food Coops Network brings together food and farming co-ops who are working towards a co-operative and sustainable food system by strengthening the food co-op movement in Ontario.


To build a resilient food co-op sector, we bring together existing and emerging co-ops, stakeholders and members for events to learn from each other about best practices, and to share on opportunties for co-operation and community building within the food


Co-op Toolbox

Thinking of starting a co-operative? Looking to improve or expand your existing operations? We can help. Our toolbox hosts an ever expanding list of resources for you at any point in your co-op evolution. Can't find what your looking for?


Capacity Building Projects

The value of a co-operative network such as the LOFC is that we can bring together our membership to work towards common goals to strengthen the co-operative food sector in Ontario. Active Projects Strengthening Farm Viability and  Cooperative Market Development for

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Members of the LOFC get the benefit of access to tools, resources and activities to strengthen their co-ops while building a community of co-operatives for a more resilient food system.

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What’s Happening in the Food Co-op Sector

Local Food and Farming Co-ops Ontario

Local Food and Farming Co-ops Ontario

From Dryden to Windsor, there are food co-ops across the province that meet the needs of their members through the use, processing, sale and distribution of local foods. They vary from consumer to multi-stakeholder co-ops, from start up to established

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